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          塑膠地板,PVC地板資料及技術指標vinyl flooring specification


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          尺寸:6*48(152mm*1220mm) 重量:ca.4315g/m2 厚度:2.0mm 耐磨層:0.2mm PD401 PD402 PD403 PD404 PD405 PD406 PD407 PD408 PD409 PD410 PD411 PD412 Company profile Novalis international Ltd .is an industry leader in the design and man


          來威利田園系PD401PD401 來威利田園系PD402PD402 來威利田園系PD403PD403 來威利田園系PD404PD404 來威利田園系PD405PD405
          來威利田園系PD406PD406 來威利田園系PD407PD407 來威利田園系PD408PD408 來威利田園系PD409PD409 來威利田園系PD410PD410
          來威利田園系PD411PD411 來威利田園系PD412PD412      

          Company profile
              Novalis international Ltd .is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative luxury vinyl flooring.With over 25 years of experience,we have developed a diverse range of designs and products that have won numerous awards and recognized by the industry as setting the global benchmark. Established since 1984.Novalis has grown to become a worldwide organization with sales offices and distribution partner in North America, Europe,Asia pacific,and Africa. Novalis operates under the core values of quality and integrity, fostering long-term relationships with our business partners.Our success can be attributed to our focus on customer satisfaction and our commitment to produce only the highest quality flooring products.We work closely with project managers,archiects,designers and end users to provide innovative flooring solutions for all their residential and commercial needs.  

          Company milestones
          1984-- Founded in HongKong,China.
          1987-- Established the first vinyl flooring factory in China.
          1988-- Became the first ISO9001 certified vinyl flooring factory in China.
          1998-- Began direct marketing of Novalis brand worldwide.
          2001-- Opened North America headquarters in Toronto,Ontario,Canada. 
          2003-- Established our second manufaturing location specializing in premium vinyl flooring.
          2005-- Opened sales office in Charlotte,North Carolina,USA .
          2007-- Opened sales office in Bonn,Germany.
          2009-- Expanded into Asia Pacific market with significant investment in China.
          2010-- Achieved ISO14001,FloorScore and German DIBT certification.

          1984-- 創始于中國香港。
          1987-- 與中國建立了第一個豪華彈性地板工廠。
          1988-- 與中國成為第一家ISO9001認證的豪華彈性地板廠。
          1998-- 開創來威利品牌全球范圍的直接營銷。
          2001-- 于加拿大多倫多市開設了北美總部。
          2003-- 建立第二個以生產高級豪華彈性地板為終端的制造   基地。
          2005-- 于美國北卡羅來納州夏洛特成立銷售辦公室。
          2007-- 于德國波恩成立銷售辦公室。
          2009-- 注資中國擴展亞太市場。
          2010-- 獲得ISO14001,FloorScore以及德國DIBT認證。

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