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          塑膠地板,PVC地板資料及技術指標vinyl flooring specification


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          Grabo safeDecor Natural系列PVC地板

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          Grabo safeDector Natural 高仿木紋PVC地板,適用于各類學校地板裝修,如教室地板、學校禮堂地板、辦公室地板、會議室地板、高檔校園餐廳地板、高檔校園咖啡廳地板。另,在其它領域如醫院走道地板

          Grabo SAN

             Grabo invented graboSAN, the anti-microbe additive contained surface treatment against additive contained surface treatment against mold, fungi, yeast. algae and bacteria. Due to the graboSAN surface treatment these floor coverings can be qualified as resistant to bacteria (such as MRSA) and mildew. Grabo floorings due to its extreme resistant surface can be cleaned with wide range of disinfective cleaning agents witriout any problems.
          It is not a surface treatment, it IS the surface
          Extreme durability due to PUR and micronized Al203 particles

             The majority of safety flooring today are constructed with hard particles embedded in their surface. making for an unsophisti-cated apperance. With SafeDecor tr,e goal was to develop a product that meets tne performance  requirements of safety flooring without any ioss of freedom in design. SafeDecor is manufactured with a revoiutionary new technology which makes the surface not only extremely riard and slip resistant but flexible so tne instaiiation can be carried out easily and quickly.

                 Grabo safeDector Natural 高仿木紋PVC地板,粗糙而不劃手的表層,兼具防滑與耐污效果。適用于各類學校地板裝修,如教室地板、學校禮堂地板、辦公室地板、會議室地板、高檔校園餐廳地板、高檔校園咖啡廳地板。另,在其它領域如醫院走道地板、商場地板等都可使用。

          safeDector Natural      
          Technical parameters Units Standards safeDector Natural
          Construction     compact heterogeneous
          Total thickness mm EN 428 2
          Wear layer thickness mm EN 429 0.7
          Width of roll M EN 426 2
          Length of rolls Lm EN 426 20
          Total weight g/m2 EN 430 2600
          Abrasion group   MSM EN660-1 T
          Residual indentation max.mm EN 433 0.1
          Dimensional stability max.% EN 434 0.2
          Fire resistance class EN 13501-1 Bfg-s1
            BS 476 Class1/pass
            Gost 30402-94 G1
          Slip resistance   DIN 51130 R9
          Electrical resistance KV EN 1815 <2
          Chemical resistance   EN 423
          Bacterial resistance   EN ISO846:1999
          Light fastness grade EN 20105 B02 6
          Castor chair resistance   EN 425
          Surface treatment     TECHSurface
          Anti-bacterial and fungicid treatment     GraboSAN
          Seaming method     Heat or cold weld
          Warranty year   25

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