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          塑膠地板,PVC地板資料及技術指標vinyl flooring specification


          Forbo Marmoleum Striato 亞麻地板

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          福爾波新推出獨創的木紋亞麻地板,是現代設計的復古風,木紋亞麻地板體現出高大雄偉的空間感。 夢梵麗Marmoleum Striato木紋系列共有有8個自然明亮的色彩供用戶選擇。木紋系列亞麻地

          夢梵麗Marmoleum Striato木紋系列共有8個自然明亮色彩供用戶選擇。木紋系列亞麻地板安裝后,將帶來一種熱情,友好的感覺,與木紋家私相匹配,在保證最環保的前提,裝飾風格還可以保證一致。木紋亞麻地板與夢梵麗的其他顏色地板以及裝飾材料搭配也一樣完美。

          marsh delta

          ploughed acre

          waving wheat

          sunset valley

          tulip fields

          Pacific beaches

          withered prairie

          Welsh moor
          Total thickness EN 428 2.5mm
          Domestic heavy EN 685 Class 23
          Commercial:veryheavy EN685 Class 34
          Industrial : general EN685 Class 42
          Roll width EN 426 2.00m
          Roll length EN 426 ≦32m
          Indentation residual EN 433 00.8mm
          Castor chair continuous use EN 425 Suitable for office chairs with castors
          Lignt fastness ISO105-B02 Method 3 : blue scale minium 6.
          Flexibility EN 435 Ø 40 mm
          Resistance to chemicals EN 423 Resistant to diluted acids, oils and to the conentional colcents. Not resistant to prolonged exposure to alkalis.
          Bacteriostatic properties   Marmoleum striato has by nature bacterioctatic properties, which is confirmed by independent laboratories, even against the bacteria MRSA
          Cigarette resistance EN 1399 Marks left on linoleum as a result of stubbed-out cigarette can be easily removed. Sandpaper gently and apply a new coat of polish. Linoleum does not melt.
          Slip ressistance DIN 51130 R9
          Acoustrical impact EN 1081 1-106<R1<108Ω
          Life Cycle Assessment   LCA is the foundation for securing the lowest environment impact
          Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 Cn-s1
          Slip resistance EN 13893 DS: ≧0.30
          Body voltage BN 1815 < 2kV
          Thermal conducivity EN 12524 0.17W/m·K

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