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          塑膠地板,PVC地板資料及技術指標vinyl flooring specification


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          Tarkett iQ Natural塑膠地板

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          New Forever
          • Unique self regenerating properties
          • Keeps its original appearance
          • Lifelong quality and performance
          The widest range
          • Multi solution concept
          • Color coordinated solutions for all specific needs and areas
          • Multi color welding rods
          The original
          • From the leader in sustainable flooring
          • From the inventor of fully flexible homogeneous vinyl flooring
          • 60 years of innovation in vinyl flooring
          Just water
          • Simpler, more environmentally responsible cleaning and maintenance
          Profitable after 3 years
          • Best life cycle costs on the market
          • Payback within three years from lowest maintenance and cleaning casts

          iO Optima is a classic design revisited for today's demand for high performance flooring in colors
          and styles suited to the widest possible range of environment and ambience.
          iQ Optima is a genuine multi-solution, with all the Lifetime quality, cost savings and ease of installation and maintenance of the classic iQ range, brought right up to date with new designs and formats and a dazzling collection of over 60 colors.
          Classic Colors
          A range of 24 timeless
          colors that never go out of style.
          With 64 colors, the iQ Optima color palette has a solution for every mood and style.
          It returns to the timeless classics that are the core of the collection and adds unique new designs Including wood and combine colors
          Combined Colors
          A distinctive new option in contrasting and harmonizing shades of orange or green that work perfectly with the Urban range of grays and color.
          Urban Colors and Urban Grays
          Calming shades of grey provide an infinitely practical and neutral modern styling. Creates a modern urban buzz with the vivid splash of bold energetic colors.
          Nature Colors
          Tones of sand, earth and stone inspired by the soft Light colors found in nature.
          Essence Colors and Essence Contrast
          Drawing on the white, grey, brown and black patterns of three bark, the unique “Essence” designs give the sensation of real wood, in its raw natural form.

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          測試標準 卷材
          地材類型 EN 649
          GB/T 4085-2005
          歐洲評級 EN 685
          U4 P3 E2/3 C2
          原產地   瑞典Ronneby
          特別處理   iQ PUR強化處理
          每平方米總重 EN 430 3000g/m2
          總厚度 EN 428 2.00 mm
          卷寬 EN 426 2m
          卷長 EN 426 231m
          片材尺寸 EN 427 61x 61cm
          包裝規格   每盒5.2平米(14片)
          磨損率 EN 660 (part 2) P級≤4.0 mm2
          尺寸穩定性 EN 434 ≤0.4%
          殘余凹陷 EN 433 約0.03mm
          滾輪測試 EN 425 適合
          地熱系統   適合一最高27℃
          靜電負荷 EN 1815 <2kV
          消音率 EN IS0 717/2 約+4dB
          阻燃性 EN IS0 11925-2
          EN IS0 13501-1
          EN IS0 9239-1
          Bfl Sl
          電阻值 ESD-approvaL SP-method 2472
          EN 1081
          EN/IEC 61340-4-1
          EN/IEC 61340-4-5
          R ≤102 0hms
          R1 5×104≤R≤106 0hms
          R2 5×104≤R≤106 0hms
          R 5×104≤R≤106 0hms
          電子絕緣值 VDE l00,Part 600 R ≤ 5×100hms
          色牢度 EN ISO105-B02 ≥6
          抗化學性能 EN 423 良好
          抗茵性能 DIN EN IS0 846-A/C 無細菌滋生
          防滑測試 DIN 51130
          顏色選擇   10

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